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Meet Mr. Jonathan Shomo:

In 2022, Mr. Shomo opened Hastings Medical Clinic to provide patient-centered primary and urgent care for his neighbors in the Shenandoah Valley.  He opened this clinic to have the freedom to spend time with patients and provide care based on individual needs, not the rules of traditional health insurance companies. Mr. Shomo believes one should have strong relationships with patients and a solid understanding of their lifestyle that can only be established with time and trust.  

Professional Training and Experience:

    • Undergraduate education Loyola College, Baltimore,MD
    • George Mason University, Fairfax, VA, Bachelors of Clinical Laboratory Science
    • Graduate education James Madison University, Master of Physician Assistant Studies
    • The University of Virginia Department of Neurosurgery: Physician Assistant 
      • Dr. Jeff Elias: Deep Brain Stimulation therapies for patients with Parkinson’s Disease
      • Dr. Justin Smith: Minimally invasive spine procedures
    • Rockingham Memorial Hospital Department of Cardiology: Physician Assistant
      • General Cardiology care and diagnostic testing
    • Chief Medical Provider: Heartland Health Clinic
      • Family medicine practice from pediatrics to end-of-life care 
      • Care provided to predominately Old Order and Conservative Mennonite communities

Mr. Shomo was raised in Alexandria, VA, but spent most of his younger years overseas. His father, Elwood (“Woody”) Shomo was an economist for the Asian Development Bank and met his mother, Mary Hastings, while he studied at the London School of Economics in London, England. Mr. Shomo and his only sibling, Christopher, lived in over 10 countries throughout their childhood years, including Korea, Guatemala, Western Samoa, Thailand, and boarding school in England!

Returning to the U.S. for high school, Mr. Shomo went to St. Stephens’ School in Alexandria Virginia, then to boarding school in Maryland.

After graduating from St. James School in Hagerstown,, Mr. Shomo studied at Loyola College in Baltimore. Interestingly, his first career was as a Kitchen and Bath remodeler in Northern, Virginia. 

It was only after a volunteer trip to Nairobi, Kenya to install solar panels at the PCEA Kikuyu Hospital, did Mr. Shomo become interested in medicine. Honestly, he was invited to watch an  operation while at the hospital and promptly passed out from the blood! Somehow he decided that medicine was the field to which he felt called. (Don’t worry, that was the last time he ever fainted!)

After returning to the US, he went back to George Mason University in Fairfax to get the classes needed to start his journey in Medicine. During this time, he worked for 2 years as a Medical Assistant for Dr. Scott Bronstein, a Dermatologist in Reston, Virginia. 

Later he and his wife, Karen,  moved to  the beautiful Shenandoah Valley in 2002 so he could complete his degree in Clinical Laboratory Science at Augusta Medical Center in Fishersville, VA.

After working and taking classes at the University of Virginia, he was accepted to James Madison University’s Masters of Physician Studies.Although Mr. Shomo’s first love is in Dermatology, his first job after completing his PA degree was working for the University of Virginia’s Department of Neurosurgery with Dr Jeff Elias’ Deep Brain Stimulations clinic for Parkinson’s Disease, and later with Dr. Justin Smith, in the Minimally-Invasive spine surgery clinic.

After several years, Mr. Shomo decided to  work closer to the family’s  home in Harrisonburg, VA,and was asked to join the Department of Cardiology at Rockingham Memorial Hospital. After an immensely fulfilling time working with the excellent Cardiology team, a new medical clinic reached out offering Mr. Shomo the position as chief medical provider at the Heartland Health Clinic in Dayton, VA  The clinic that provided healthcare exclusively for the very large local Old Order and Conservative Mennonite communities, providing a spectrum of care from early newborn exams (and circumcisions!) all the way through to end-of-life care. It was an honor and a privilege to care for this wonderful community, after which Mr. Shomo discovered a way of providing evidence-based, standard-of-care medical care in a manner not beholden to the large,corporation-owned and insurance-driven health”care” (it is NOT!) that many providers are forced into due to the state of our money-focused medical industry. 

In 2022, Mr. Shomo opened Hastings Medical Clinic in Bridgewater, VA, taking care of the wonderful community, providing care for walk-in patients as well as his long-time patients, many of whom he counts both as patients and friends.

There is an absolute need to actually provide health care in our communities, completely opposite in every way in which the large corporations that have taken over our once “local” hospitals, and now dictate from afar how they want our local doctors to care for patients, then those same non-healthcare providers demand unethically priced payments to our local community members. These corporations’ total focus is the health industry, not health care

Hasting Medical Clinic is founded on providing excellent medical care for each and every individual in a standard fairly-priced, fee-for-service model. 

Soon we will be able to offer a subscription-based, Direct Primary Care model that will provide unparalleled medical access to its members!


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